Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Semester: Its Horrors

I had a month off between semesters so I decided to work on Joplin a bit more and add--get this--SYNCOPATED peddling.  Yes indeed.  Syncopated peddling to an already syncopated piece of music.  After driving myself insane for about three days, it finally clicked, sort of, and is sounding fairly good.

Summer semester began yesterday and what was I thinking?  I took two classes, not difficult subjects really but Summer term is an entire semester compressed in to four weeks.  Which means each day covers one unit.  When I came home and began the homework for both classes, I realized doing a week's worth of homework for two classes in one evening was insane.  I can do it but the next month is going to be hectic.

So what if I won't sleep or get anything else done?  I'll have two more core requirements out of the way, which means (drum roll) ALL of them will be out of the way.

You can survive anything for a month, eh?